Our Brief History

Joshua Handke (Director of Creative Linings) started off as a sole trader in the construction industry in 2005. The industry he chose to focus on was plasterboard fix/ flush/ cornice. Up until 2010 Joshua learnt his trade working on prestige homes and could see the potential in plasterboard trades in the niche prestige home market. He wanted to start a company and focus on this market.

In July 2010 Creative Linings was created, a company specializing in the high end quality home market. The company started off with Joshua working in both the office and on the tools. Now there are many large projects underway and the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Due to the time consuming nature and specialist works involved to complete large architectural projects, Creative Linings will strive to be one of the leading plasterboard companies in South Australia in this niche market.